New low Phase Noise small-size 1 GHz OCXO

1 GHz OCXO O.30.810742 pictureWith the combination of long-term knowledge in the design and manufacturing of low Phase Noise OCXO and latest circuit design technologies we have launched a high performance 1 GHz OCXO. The use of a 125 MHz high stable SC-cut crystal and a new analogue frequency multiplication circuit leads to a high frequency OCXO offering around -118 dBc/Hz @ 100Hz and a noise floor of -158 dBc/Hz typically. A tight frequency stability of +/- 500 ppb in the temperature range of -40 to 70°C and a very good long-term stability of less than +/-2 ppm over 15 years are also determined by the SC-cut crystal.

This OCXO is housed in small size hermetically sealed THT Euro-package with dimensions of 36x27x20mm which makes it perfectly suited for space-critical applications.


  • Output-Frequency 1 GHz
  • Low Phase Noise: 
    -112 dBc/Hz@ 100 Hz Offset
    -155 dBc/Hz Noise Floor
  • Output signal: 'True Sinewave'
  • Frequency stability ± 500ppb
  • Frequency Tuning Range ± 2,5 ppm
  • Long-term stability ± 0.2 ppm in 15 years
  • Small THT housing (36x27 mm)
  • Working temperature range -40 to +70°C


1 GHz OCXO O.30.810742 picture


data sheet

 It is dedicated for applications like radar, test & measurement systems or reference clock for microwave signal sources.

For further information or adaptations to other applications please contact us