New Small-Sized Hermetically Sealed SMD OCXO

KVG Quartz Crystal Technology GmbH proudly present new hermetically sealed SMD OCXOs offering true Stratum 3 performance or even better, i.e. a worst case frequency stability of better than ±0.16 ppm overall for 24 hours.

O-9000HSUtilizing small-sized but high performance SC-cut crystals KVG's engineers designed new tight stability OCXOs what are able to extend the range of possible applications considerably.
The new O-9000-HS series OCXOs are packaged in a very small 14 mm x 9 mm x 8.5 mm SMD package. Nevertheless they offer a frequency stability of better than ±10 ppb in the temperature range from -20 to +70 °C. Even for the extended temperature range from -40 to +85 °C the new parts are still able to meet the frequency stability requirements of Telcordia Standard GR-1244 und GR-253-Core Stratum 3 resp. ANSI Clock T1.101 resp. the European standards ITU-T G.812 Type IV and G.813 Option 1, i.e. a frequency stability of better than ±4.6 ppm for 20 years and a 24 h 'holdover stability' of better than 0.32 ppm peak-to-peak.
Nevertheless that exceptional OCXO offer a remarkable low steady state power consumption of 0.5 W only. The parts require supply voltages +3.3 V; the output signal is HCMOS.

Typical standard frequencies are 10 MHz, 12.8 MHz, 19.2 MHz, 20 MHz, 25 MHz and 38.88 MHz. Special frequencies are available on demand.

Typical applications are network and synchronization units and systems for the professional telecommunication. Further prospective applications are frequency sources for GSM or WIMAX mobil phone base stations. So-called Picocell and Femtocell base stations require small sized low cost OCXOs with good holdover stability for several days.

Samples are available on request.

Data Sheet