• 4-, 6- and 8-pole filters in Chebyshev or Butterworth design with very low ripple (Selectionfilter). Center-Frequency between 5 MHz and 200 MHz with bandwidth from small (1.5kHz) to wide (75kHz). For any other frequency please contact us.
  • Filters in metal package (60.6 x 25.8 mm) hermetically sealed with cable connectors and mounting bolts M3.
  • Low insertion loss. Good intermodulation characteristics
  • Operating input power 0dBm/1mW; max (peak) input power 10dBm/10mW
  • Temp range up to -40°C…+85°C
  • RoHS, PB-free
  • Very good shock and vibration resistance 
  • For Filters with low group delay characteristic (Linear-phase filter) in cable-connector-package please contact us.


  • Suppression of unwanted singals in VHF range



BNC-Cable Connector
BF26 /
70 MHz - 100 MHz  Spez.
  BNC-Cable Connector BF26 /
100 MHz - 150 MHz  Spez.
  BNC-Cable Connector BF26 /
150 MHz - 200 MHz  Spez.
Filter N-Cable Connector N-Cable Connector BF88 /
70 MHz - 200 MHz  Spez.
SMA-Connector SMA-Cable Connector  BF90 70 MHz - 200 MHz  Spez.