Experience and innovation

1946. Right after the end of World War II the physicist Kurt Klingsporn founded the company as Kristallverarbeitungsgesellschaft Neckarbischofsheim GmbH. Today the headquarters are still in Neckarbischofsheim. In 1996 KVG merged with DOVER Inc. as their European production line for crystals and crystal products. In 1997 KVG acquired Quarzkeramik in Stockdorf, which is a well-known company for OCXOs and High Precision crystals around the world.

Since 2002 KVG is again an owner managed company. The managing director Manfred Klimm has had leading positions in the market for many years.

The history of KVG is like a chronological development of innovative products and continuous improvement of production processes:

  • 1963 KVG uses synthetic crystal material
  • 1964 design and production of crystal filters
  • 1968 production of temperature compensated oscillators TCXOs
  • 1970 direct plating technology in crystal production
  • 1971 production of monolithic crystal filters
  • 1972 convex shaped crystal blanks in production
  • 1974 introduction of X-ray based angle selection
  • 1979 computer based temperature measurements of Crystals
  • 1981 computer based compensation networks for TCXOs
  • 1983 development of quartz sensors and OCXOs
  • 1987 computerized quality control
  • 1988 automatic surface mount technology for oscillators
  • 1993 development of voltage controlled oscillators up to 1 GHz
  • 1994 production of HFF fundamental mode crystals up to 200 MHz
  • 1994 production of SC-cut crystals for OCXOs
  • 1995 introduction of laser trimming in oscillator production
  • 1997 introduction of SMD OCXOs series OCXO-6000
  • 1998 production of ASIC-TCXOs
  • 1999 production of VCXOs based on HFF Inverted Mesa crystals
  • 2000 New production line for high precision crystals
  • 2002 KVG becomes an independant company again
  • 2003 introduction of digitally calibrated crystal oscillators
  • 2005 design of low phase noise OCXOs
  • 2007 design of space crystals
  • 2008 design of space crystal oscillators
  • 2009 reconstruction of the production facilities
  • 2010 reorganisation - crystal and oscillator fabs are again on KVG area
  • 2010 development of OCXOs with low G-Sensitivity (vibration)
  • 2011 ESA certificate as supplier of space crystals
  • 2013 ESA certificate as supplier for crystal oscillators XO’s and VCXO’s
  • 2014 development of mechanical damped OCXO modules
  • 2015 development of ultra low Phase Noise RF-OCXOs and ultra low G-Sensitivity OCXOs
  • 2016 KVG is certified acc. to EN 9100 (aviation, space and defense)
  • 2017 introduction of PLL based OCXOs
  • 2018 development of ultra low Phase Noise VCXOs
  • 2019 Introduction of ultra low Phase Noise frequency sources up to 10 GHz

New designs in the field of oven controlled oscillators - like enhanced low G-Sensitivity (LGS) technology - and new high frequency TCXOs and OCXOs set again high standards in the field of FCPs Frequeny Control Products - crystals, filters and crystal oscillators.